Holiday Rentals and stays
  Find a holiday and stay rental, tel: +33961403657, stays apartment, house or villa by the sea, in the sun, in Corsica, in Cap d'Agde, in the mountains or countryside, the riviera, cap ferrat. with Ebizmed going on holiday is easy, tel: +33970467450
From 422,00€ / Week
Reference: EDEL 38 - Residence EDELWEISS - Morillon - Studio + cabin for 4 people Located 150m ...

Booking hotel rooms
  with Ebizmed, it's easy to book a hotel in cap d'agde, cap ferret or the sea. Tel: +33961403657 reservations for your hotel room, you find on our site furnished rooms or holiday stays. Ebizmed is ideal to organize a seminar, tel: +33970467450
From 69,63€ / Overnight
The decor combines Baraton friendly and warm, in a privileged setting is the perfect place for rest ...

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